Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Questions, questions, questions

One of the major hang-ups about being new to this whole crafting thing: fabric. Is there any limit to what kinds of fabric one can use for quilting? Can people make clothing out of quilting cotton? Any thoughts on cotton versus linen for quilt backing?

A specific dilemma: I found some great tablecloths at a recent estate sale; they looked to be linen, but now I realize they are polyester/cotton. I had thought that I would use the fabric to cut down to napkin-size, dye them, and embroider them to become the new napkins for our friend's wedding gift. Question being: can a poly/cotton blend be useful for a durable, nice, formal napkin? Are they going to last? Are they going to pill? Are they going to dye well?

Is there some source for answering these questions? An online bank of knowledge would be tremendously useful.

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  1. I should know the answers to these questions since I majored in home ec in college and work at Joanns! haha.

    about quilting, i'd say most anything goes ... but lean toward 100% cotton fabrics. I use minky on the back of my quilts a lot and that's 100% polyester - go figure!
    I think a lot of people use cotton/poly blends for quilting and the napkin idea sounds fine too!

    i have learned most everything thru trial and error so I say - it never hurts to try!

    and YES you can make clothing out of "quilting" cotton! I've made lots of dresses and skirts for my little girl from regular cotton!

    hope that helps?