Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finding time

At the moment, our house is in a state of flux, and isn't that always how it happens? We've welcomed a new girl and are trying to figure out life with three Tinies under the age of five, and with her arrival, somehow, there's been a fresh spark of "Man alive, I would love to make something!" Anything, really, would do.

In my mind, though, I have a list about five timely projects long, starting with some napkins for a friend who is getting married in April and running the gamut through one just-born daughter of a friend, two expected babes in April and September and my first niece who is expected in June! Lots of baby things to make! The one that I'm really most excited about is my brother's daughter. Her mom, like me, is partial to colors other than pink, so the quilt I have in mind for her is bright and colorful. Hopefully, both my brother and my SIL will like it.

That said, all of these babies (mine and the other expecteds) are not the end of the "excitement" around here; two weeks ago, it came to light that perhaps a move was in our future. Yesterday, it became apparent that the future is here! We will be moving in the next four to twelve weeks, and not moving locally, but relocating back to our roots near both sets of grandparents three states away. Certainly, this is a welcome and timely change as chaotic as it may make our lives in the meantime.

So, my question is this: Is my desire to start a quilt in the middle of all of this a crazy example of lunacy and denial? Or do you think I could pass it off as wise advanced planning (in a delusional, deny-ing sort of way?)

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