Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sew Sara scrap swap

I'll confess, this is really what has driven me back to a possible course of blogging: Sew Sara is having a scrap swap, and you have to have a blog to enter. To add some legitimacy to my appearance here, let me share some of my previous projects.

At Christmastime, I made stockings for our two kiddos, and
these guys made it in as part of the embellishment. Each was made by tracing a cookie cutter onto felt and then embroidering the details.

My closest childhood friend had a baby last year, and I ventured into the land of quilting for his baby gift.

And some ice cream for good measure :)

Dusting off the blog...

Awhile back, I started this (then food) blog with an ode to brisket tacos. And a bit of ice cream. Then I hit a roadblock.

I had a two-year-old and was pregnant with my second child; somehow, the great food that I wanted to capture on this blog rarely made it online. (I'm sure I could come up with some great technical reasons, but really, I think it was just a combination of toddlers and dinnertime.) I did get a couple of posts up, but today I have no idea what happened to them!

Fast forward two years: I am now the mom of a four-year-old boy, a girl who is almost two, and a new baby. Though I do love to cook, I have discovered more and more lately that there might be space for me in the crafty universe also. Something about creating something that actually exists for longer than a meal or two and is of use in some way is really appealing to me. Because this is a new revelation to me, I have a bit of a "crafty buffet" happening here. In the last year, I've tried my hand at crochet (scarves at Christmas), knitting (another scarf), sewing (some clothes, a playtent, napkins), quilting (a baby gift), and embroidery.

Over the last year, I've tried a lot of things, and I've enjoyed most of it. If you are willing to be all over the board in your reading, I'm happy to oblige because who knows what you'll get here?? Could be food, could be crafts, could be books....Hopefully, whatever else it is, it'll be fun! Welcome!